[Biturbos4] First of my own wrenching of my '01 S4

Single Malt s_malt at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 9 19:34:25 EST 2004

That explanation was pretty good!  I fitted the clip onto the lower inlet
towards the outside of the car (there is a little protuberance that holds the
clip on the lower section) ... then I replaced the upper portion of that inlet
and it slips right onto that clip!  Thanks!!  That mystery is now solved.


--- dap128 <dap128 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I know where that clip goes, but its kinda difficult to explain.  It goes on
> the air inlet next to the airbox... look at the bottom center of this one of
> your pictures:
> http://www.inners.com/s4airfilter/images/MVC-012F.JPG
> Clips on the inside of that inlet to the airbox and holds the plastic pipe
> pictured here:
> http://www.inners.com/s4airfilter/images/MVC-018F.JPG
> in place.
> Perhaps someone can explain it more clearly than that :)
> -Dave Pramanik
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> From: "Single Malt" <s_malt at yahoo.com>
<snipped for brevity>
> >
> > I came across an extra part under the filter.  Looks like some kind of
> > retaining clip.  I could not find a place that was obviously missing
> anything.
> > Anyone able to identify this? -third picture from the top
<snipped for brevity>

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