[Biturbos4] How does the 'service in xxxx miles' work ?

Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 11 21:01:44 EST 2004

This is what I have down in my VAG notes:
Module	Channel	Was	New	Description
17	43	10	4	Max oil change 4k miles

In VAG-com, go to module 17, channel 43 and the value will be 10; the oil
change light will turn on 10k miles after having been reset (I changed mine to
4k miles. Elsewhere, there's a count down that indicates how many miles it was
since the reset was done (usually by the dealer). When I was researching all
this a month or two back, my notes of the last dealer service were spot on with
the count down channel. Crappy dealer didn't reset anything this time - they
were busy damaging my wheels on their 'test drive'.

This isn't your answer, but it's the only thing I have documented. I know there
are additional indicators for months until service, months since service, miles
till service, miles since service, months until oil change, and months since
oil change. They were all accurate on mine but it sounds like yours are screwed
up. Maybe this will get you going in the right direction but if it doesn't, let
me know and I will dig up all the details.
P.S. There's a 'miles till service' display if you do something to the left
knob that sticks out of the instrument panel. I think that's what Keman said,
but I never had to do all that crap with key and/or the right knob.

--- Keman <keman at interwolf.net> wrote:
> It is a mystery even to me, and I work on the damn things. :P
> Just group it in with the calculations which are performed that monitor
> outside temperature. There are quite a few equations that determine it,
> vehicle speed, etc.
> Even more complicated is the "how long you've been driving" timer. Not the
> one you can reset. But the one that blinks every 2 hours to remind you to
> stretch you rlegs. The one that knows the difference between filling the
> tank up and getting a bite to eat, and resets itself accordingly.
> On the service interval light- just hold the right gauge cluster switch in
> and turn the key to ON, let go and tap the button on the left.
> - Keman
> > Most of my driving is on the highway with a 60 mile round trip to work and
> > back.  My my wife is mostly city driving, and relatively short trips.  I
> > assume that's the difference, but has there every been a discussion of how
> > the miles to service is computed?
> >
> > I searched the AudiWorld archives and found out I'm not alone - some
> people
> > have seen the miles to service number go up!  There are also a number of
> > suggestions that it's a bug in the software.
> >
> > Bill

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