[Biturbos4] K&N Filters..formerly..First of my own wrenching of my '01 S4

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Wed Mar 17 20:06:44 EST 2004

thanks for the info. I guess my source was mis-informed.
I have a K&N in my 951 (944 turbo) - have had it for 2 yrs.
I personally checked the throttle body, air flow meter, and intake manifold a few weeks back.
I was ABSOLUTELY surprised at the lack of dirt and grime on a 17 yr old car!
I am NOT one who religously cleans my K&N. I guess I am just LUCKY.
I just installed the EVO K&N set-up on my S4. I will periodically check to see if the MAF and intake are dirty & full of grime, as many claim.

Keman <keman at interwolf.net> wrote:
Hmmm... that's news to me.

I just checked with our Porsche master tech and verified- turbo porsches
come stock with paper air filters. They have never come with a K&N air
filters and when I inquired about the possibility of them coming with one, I
got a "Heck no, those things filter for crap." response. Not sure who
informed you of this, but it was probably just some dealer trying to get
some sorta race appeal and adding it themselves.

It won't void your warranty, but neither will starting your car up and
slamming your foot to the floor taking off full-boost every single day with
the engine not even coming out of a cold high idle first.

I use a K&N cone style one on my racecar, but that's mostly because I don't
really have an alternative due to space constraints. Had I, I'd use paper
all the way. I lost one MAF sensor once already on a '99 Mustang. It was a
direct replacement and came pre-oiled, so it wasn't that I got too excited
spraying the red stuff. Luckily Ford put that filter in a paper air filters
box, stuck it on my back seat, and told me "This time your MAF sensor is
free... next time it won't be." ...

Seriously, I've seen the hype and even helped endorse it for a while on
K&N's... now I don't like them. They may offer horsepower, but they offer
less filtering ability. Even if they add 5 hp, that's just not a route I'm
going to take to get that small of a gain. Not when engine longevity is at
issue. I want clean air, especially when it comes to turbos.

If you want 5 hp, toss in 0W-10 oil. You can get it at a race supply store.
It will add at least 5-10 horses due to less friction. Not sure how long
your bearings will last, but... "they should be alright..." :P

- Keman

> Well..Porsche turbos come from the FACTORY with the K&N set-up. I guess
they aren't worried about TOO much dirt with more air.
> Quincy Chiang wrote:
> I had a K&N panel filter in my '90 CoupeQ, initially I though the intake
sound got louder (pretty cool), but no performance gain I could really feel.
When it's time to clean and re-oil it, I found out that improper oiling (ie.
too much) can kill the MAF, plus I read a few independent studies that K&N
doesn't flow much more than a stock paper filter, and its filtering
performance gets much worse than stock, so I went back to a oem. Lo and
behold, I felt zero performance difference after the switch, and it even
sounded the same as before! Base on that experience, I'd say keep using
stock filters. In addition, if you let more air through, you have to let
more dirt in at the same time, and more dirt = bad for engine.
> Quincy
> '01.5 S4
> '90 CoupeQ

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