[Biturbos4] New to the list

Igor Kessel kbattpo at verizon.net
Sun Mar 21 11:04:09 EST 2004

in the audifans tradition I thought I'd take a moment of your time and 
introduce myself on this new to me list. Exactly one week ago I placed a 
deposit on a 2004 Atlas Grey/Grey Plaid 2.7tt Allroad in the last batch 
of ten with a 6-speed to be allocated to my local dealer. This is to be 
the wife's new ride thus soon I will be joining the 2.7tt wrenching 
crowd. I know very little about this car, so please be patient with me.

I am glad to see quite a number of familiar faces here. It is amazing 
how over the years we all progress through more or less the same types 
of Audis.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros in the stable,
the third one is in the works

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