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Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Mon Mar 22 00:45:22 EST 2004

> > Btw, Is Audi stopping production of allroad?  Makes sense I 
> guess now that the new A6 is here.  I hope they don't replace it 
> with a SUV.
> Yes, that's the sad reality. That's why I had to jump on the 2004 
> m/y, 
> although after 23 March I would be able to order the last of the 
> breed 2005.
> Alas, according to AoA the Allroad is a slow seller, and is being 
> phased 
> out. Yes, to be replaced by yet another ugly clone of the bland 
> truckster with the famous nameplate. The short 2005 production run 
> of 
> the automatic-only 2.7tt "S-line" joke of a car will cease on the 
> week 
> of 17th May. After which there will be no more Audi Allroad. Bastards!

Another Touareg/Cayenne clone, no thanks.  I don't understand, VW/Audi is the same company, it's well understood by now.  If one must buy a German SUV from VAG, let them buy the Touareg, VAG makes the same amount of money at the end.  Why must they butcher Audi's good name of being the one maker that refuses to offer SUVs that are uesless 95% of the time??  I guess they do follow Bimmers and MBs afterall.  I bet this inevitable will be named either "A7" or "alltrail" or something like that...

> Also as of 1 January 2004 there are no more A6 2.7 biturbo + stick 
> shifts available. The A6 2.7tt is now automatic-only "S-line".

That whole 2.7t S-line thing is pointless, with only 15hp increase, which has been enjoyed by Europeans since the beginning, and no maunal, why bother?  I highly doubt that car can generate any additional interest.  It's still a great car, just dumb marketing imho.

> With the demise of the neu S4 2.7tt the so-dear-to-my-heart 
> combination 
> of quattro+turbo+stick is no more. Will I hear voices quietly 
> whispering 
> "Saabaru" in my ear by the time I decide to replace my current the 
> last 
> of the breed '97 UrS6 with another car entirely depends on AoA 
> pulling 
> or not its marketing head out of its behind. Although I admit, it 
> would 
> be enormously difficult to leave the Audi brand after staying with 
> it 
> for the last 12 years.

I hear ya.  Turbo quattros are what Audi is/was famous for, and is the reason why we love all 2.2t, 1.8t and 2.7tt powered quattros.  If they abandon turbocharging, I'm not sure if I will stay with Audi anymore.  And yes the new Subarus and Saabs have come a long way, have you seen the new Legacy GT with 2.5 H4 turbo engine with 250 hp?

'01.5 S4
'90 CoupeQ

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