[Biturbos4] Synth Oil in the 2.7t

John Koenig johnkoenig at greennet.net
Mon Mar 22 09:10:04 EST 2004

For what it's worth, these oil ratings are not necessarily about actual
viscosity.  The difference between a 0W30 and a 0W40 is in the oil's
lubricating characteristics at higher temperatures, but this may result from
other factors -- a different additive package, for example.  Just thought
I'd throw that into the conversation.

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> Yup, 0W-40 wasn't widely available at the time our '00 and '01 cars
> were built.  Now they are.
> Yes, the slightly higher "hot" viscosity is a good thing in our
> (very) hot running turbo engines.  Weather has very little to
> do with the hot rating...  the internal temps of the engine gets
> up there no matter what the outside temps are.  The "cold" viscosity
> rating is the same between 0W-30 and 0W-40, so you get the same
> advantage of quick flow and pressurization upon startup, even when
> it's very cold outside.
> -Ti

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