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Hi all -

My wife also insists on a stick.  In fact that's the major reason we got rid
of our 2000 Passat 4-motion wagon even though it was a roomy, comfortable,
reliable car.  We were living in denial for 2 years until finally we'd had
enough and traded it in favor of an allroad 6-speed.  Since that was the car
the she drove primarily, it was up to her.  Had the Passat 4-motion been
available with a 5-speed stick it might still be in our garage.

- Bob T.

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> Quincy Chiang wrote:
> > Congrat!  You wife wants to drive a 6-sp?  Lucky guy ;-)  I personally
don't know too many female that drives stick.
> I am no sure, Quincy. She never complained about the lack of one gear in
> her two previous 5-speed turbo quattros. Although she was not too
> impressed with her 4-speed car before that.
> Or let me put it another way. She won't touch an automatic car with a 5m
> pole. I would, in a pinch, but she outright refuses.
> :)
> > Btw, Is Audi stopping production of allroad?  Makes sense I guess now
that the new A6 is here.  I hope they don't replace it with a SUV.
> Yes, that's the sad reality. That's why I had to jump on the 2004 m/y,
> although after 23 March I would be able to order the last of the breed
> Alas, according to AoA the Allroad is a slow seller, and is being phased
> out. Yes, to be replaced by yet another ugly clone of the bland
> truckster with the famous nameplate. The short 2005 production run of
> the automatic-only 2.7tt "S-line" joke of a car will cease on the week
> of 17th May. After which there will be no more Audi Allroad. Bastards!
> Also as of 1 January 2004 there are no more A6 2.7 biturbo + stick
> shifts available. The A6 2.7tt is now automatic-only "S-line".
> With the demise of the neu S4 2.7tt the so-dear-to-my-heart combination
> of quattro+turbo+stick is no more. Will I hear voices quietly whispering
> "Saabaru" in my ear by the time I decide to replace my current the last
> of the breed '97 UrS6 with another car entirely depends on AoA pulling
> or not its marketing head out of its behind. Although I admit, it would
> be enormously difficult to leave the Audi brand after staying with it
> for the last 12 years.
> --
> Igor Kessel
> two turbo quattros in the stable,
> the third one is in the works
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