[Biturbos4] (was) New to the list (now) tire size

Michael Kuriger michael at isuzu-mods.com
Mon Mar 22 12:55:37 EST 2004

I agree 100% up until I installed my X-chip.  I'm sure it would run 
faster with a 6 speed sure, but I have 6 cars so I have a few autos and 
a few sticks.  For example, my 1989 isuzu imark is a stick with 411 dyno 
HP to the front wheels.  but that car isn't a daily driver ;-)  And 
since I like to drive my S4 aggressivly, I'd really be doing a lot of 
damage to a stick shift tranny escpecially if I tried to keep the turbos 
spooled during shifts.  with the TIP I'm safe ( I hope )

on another note, does anyone know if 235 40 17's fit in place of the 
factory 225 45 17's?  My factory tires are about worn out now. 

Mike Kuriger

Bob Tillman wrote:

>Hi Mike -
>To each his own, as they say. ;)  Two disclaimers off the bat: (1) I've
>never driven a Tip-equipped 2.7t, and (2) I grant that the VW/Audi 2.8 is
>about 60HP down on the 2.7tt
>Having said that in our old Passat 4-motion, the tiptronic was a true
>slushbox.  For an automatic, it wasn't bad, but even in manual mode its
>response time was lacking and you could just feel the power being sapped
>from the motor.  0-60 times for the Passat is in the 9 second range, for
>heaven's sake!  Comparing the Tip Fwd Passat to the 5-speed Fwd Passat, 0-60
>times are a full second better for the stick than for the slushbox.  It
>seems unlikely to me that the Tip on the 2.7t is less inefficient.  I also
>recall auto mags complaining on the Tip in the 2.7t allroad when it came
>out, saying that if you were cruising and wanted to hit the gas, you had the
>double delay of turbo spool-up and the Tip deciding if it should downshift
>or not.  Their feeling was that the 2.7t was better mated to a manual
>That's my two cents!  Maybe if I drove a Tip S4 I'd feel differently too. ;)
>- Bob T.
>  '01 S4 Avant 6-speed (his)
>  '02 allroad 6-speed (hers)
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>>I prefer a stick shift too most of the time, until I drove My S4 TIP.
>>the turbos never have any noticable lag, it jumps off the line at full
>>boost and is hard to beat.  the turbos dont spool down during shifts
>>either :-)

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