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Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Mon Mar 22 13:05:43 EST 2004

My first 2.7t experience was in a loaner A6 with Tip.  I was surprised how quickly it down shifted 2 gears when I stepped on it, and it felt damn fast along with the turbos making boost in no time.  But then that was over 2 years ago, and it was my first go with a 2.7t.

But I agree with you on Tip mode response, I've driven A4s and Passats with 1.8t and 2.8, it seems like I have to wait forever to upshift after I've pushed the button or toggled the shift lever.


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From: Bob Tillman <list at p-vector.com>
Date: Monday, March 22, 2004 9:16 am
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> Hi Mike -
> To each his own, as they say. ;)  Two disclaimers off the bat: (1) 
> I'venever driven a Tip-equipped 2.7t, and (2) I grant that the 
> VW/Audi 2.8 is
> about 60HP down on the 2.7tt
> Having said that in our old Passat 4-motion, the tiptronic was a true
> slushbox.  For an automatic, it wasn't bad, but even in manual 
> mode its
> response time was lacking and you could just feel the power being 
> sappedfrom the motor.  0-60 times for the Passat is in the 9 
> second range, for
> heaven's sake!  Comparing the Tip Fwd Passat to the 5-speed Fwd 
> Passat, 0-60
> times are a full second better for the stick than for the 
> slushbox.  It
> seems unlikely to me that the Tip on the 2.7t is less inefficient. 
> I also
> recall auto mags complaining on the Tip in the 2.7t allroad when 
> it came
> out, saying that if you were cruising and wanted to hit the gas, 
> you had the
> double delay of turbo spool-up and the Tip deciding if it should 
> downshiftor not.  Their feeling was that the 2.7t was better mated 
> to a manual
> tranny.
> That's my two cents!  Maybe if I drove a Tip S4 I'd feel 
> differently too. ;)
> Cheers,
> - Bob T.
>  '01 S4 Avant 6-speed (his)
>  '02 allroad 6-speed (hers)
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> > I prefer a stick shift too most of the time, until I drove My S4 
> TIP.> the turbos never have any noticable lag, it jumps off the 
> line at full
> > boost and is hard to beat.  the turbos dont spool down during shifts
> > either :-)
> >
> > Mike
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