[Biturbos4] Navigation "C" Bundle for 2000 A6

Yu-tai Chung yxc165 at psu.edu
Mon Mar 22 14:39:21 EST 2004



I have good news; I called the dealer where I ordered the Navigation CDs
last week to check on the status of the order.


1.	Dealer said they called the reps to see if the shortage is over. 

a.	They didn't get an answer


2.	So I called the dealer and ask for the contact number they called to
place orders

a.	Here is the number they called: 1-888-275-1376 (Audi Navigation
b.	The person I spoke to, and seems to know some info was at (ext 7269,
c.	Edgar told me that Audi was having a hard time finding a supplier
for new map information provider

                                                               i.      And
that is why things were held up.

                                                             ii.      But
now they did find a supplier, they will start shipping out the cds to the
dealers within 2 to 3 weeks.. (Yahoooo!)

Further more, these will have the same information as the 2004 Cars (double


3.	So Edgar checked my order in the system and it was still there,

a.	So that is good, I will continue to post about info on this matter
once I get them!


Please let me know if you are still interested in splitting the bundle, if
not, no big deal, maybe other people will want to join in. 

             As far as people have emailed me the following is who gets what
so far: (update: 3/22/04 - Unless the new bundle is organized differently)

                                (1st) = requested first
                                (2nd) = In line to get the cd, if the 1st
person decides to backout.

                                Map 1 - (1st) Sarina
                                Map 2 - (1st) Sarina
                                Map 3 -
                                Map 4 -
                                Map 5 - (1st ) David Blekhman
                                Map 6 - (1st) Yu-tai
                                Map 7 - (1st) Aurangzeb / (2) Al Adler
                                Map 8 - (1st) Yu-tai
                                Map 9 - (1st) Al Adler
                                Map 10 - (1st) Sarina






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