[Biturbos4] check engine light

David Kavanagh dak at rochester.rr.com
Mon Mar 22 21:06:08 EST 2004

The patient is a '00 A6 2.7t. When my wife was driving the car home, she 
got a check engine light. She correctly pulled over and called me. I 
asked her to check the temp gauges and asked if she smelled anything 
strange or if she noticed anything odd about the performance of the car. 
All answers were nominal, so said she should drive home in a reasonable 
fashion (<10 minutes). She thought she smelled something once the car 
was in the garage. About 10 minutes later, I went out and didn't notice 
any smells. I took some plastic covers off the engine and had a good 
look around. Hmm, nothing dripping, oil level is just below min. Nothing 
else odd looking, or of concern. I had checked the oil several weeks ago 
and saw it was right at min, but knew I'd be changing it soon (this week 
actually) and left it alone. I put a little over 1 quart of oil in the 
engine, saw that the level was now a bit above min. Run the engine for 
about 20 seconds, light still on. Hmm.
Thoughts? The import car dealer I got the car from gave me a 1 year 
warrantee. Since I picked up the car May 1, 2003, I'm taking it there to 
get codes pulled. Is it a good idea to drive that 15 minutes? I'm 
considering a short drive around the block to see if the thing resets 
itself. Sure wish I had that VAG-COM now!


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