[Biturbos4] check engine light

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Mar 23 02:23:35 EST 2004

No way to tell for sure unless you check for fault codes stored in
the ECU.  There are hundreds of possible causes of the CEL, and VAG-COM
(or ProDiag if you use PalmOS) is your friend.

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David Kavanagh writes:
> The patient is a '00 A6 2.7t. When my wife was driving the car home, she 
> got a check engine light. She correctly pulled over and called me. I 
> ...
> Thoughts? The import car dealer I got the car from gave me a 1 year 
> warrantee. Since I picked up the car May 1, 2003, I'm taking it there to 
> get codes pulled. Is it a good idea to drive that 15 minutes? I'm 
> considering a short drive around the block to see if the thing resets 
> itself. Sure wish I had that VAG-COM now!

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