[Biturbos4] Rough running when cold

Russell Romano Russell_Romano at pmc-sierra.com
Tue Mar 23 10:23:07 EST 2004

My '00 A6 2.7T runs REALLY bad when it is cold out for the first 1/4 mile.

I try to let it warm up for a couple of minutes, but sometimes that isn't really an option.  This morning, it was about 28 degrees at my house, and I started my car and rolled down hill out of my drive way.  The car would barely respond to throttle at all and was quite hesitant to rev up (manual trans) enough for me to start moving.  It bucked and hesitated a little bit... but after about 1/4 mile it was running pretty normal and it was perfect after 1/2 mile.

I vaguely remember talk about a software upgrade to correct this condition.  Does anyone have any details?


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