[Biturbos4] s4 power output

David Lau toomanycars at mac.com
Wed Mar 24 10:08:34 EST 2004

I too was disappointed at the dyno. The Red Wagon is APR chipped also. I can
check my numbers tonight, but from memory but I think it was closer to 220
at the wheels from a similar 300bhp rating. Appears the quattro, while great
for many things, is somewhat of a power hog. Since my APR is programable
fron the drivers seat, I ran 3 pulls on the 3 different programs, and the
DIFFERENCE between stock mode and chipped was evident.
David J. Lau, The Brookwood Studio, Inc.  David at brookwoodstudio.com

Subject: [Biturbos4] s4 power output

Can anyone see from the plot if there is anything obviously wrong?  Does the
boost look reasonable for a stage 1 chip?  Or am I just expecting too much?
I'd appreciate any help or comments you can give me - seems this car is
destined to keep me worrying some more.

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