[Biturbos4] Good tools...

David Kavanagh dak at rochester.rr.com
Fri Mar 26 18:24:07 EST 2004

Since I'm new to wrenching on the newer Audis (I have a A6 biturbo now), 
I'm looking for input on the type of tools/equipment people find usefull 
or manditory to diagnose and fix these cars. I have the VAG-COM and 
MityVac on the list already, I also have most of the common type 
automotive tools (wrenches, ramps, drop light, multi-meter, etc.)
Could any of you share what else you found useful, how important is it, 
how much, where did you buy it and what its good for?
Maybe this could turn into somthing for a FAQ someplace...


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