[Biturbos4] Good tools...

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Fri Mar 26 23:11:27 EST 2004

Good tools to have...

O2 sensor socket - self explanatory
BFH - Big f*&#$ hammer.
19mm wrench - oil drain plug
jaws-type oil filter wrench - self explanatory
T25 torx screwdriver - misc
Flathead screwdriver - misc
8mm nut driver - misc
1/2" drive x 18inch "breaker bar" - breaking lug nuts loose
torque wrench - 1/2" drive, 0-150ft/lbs range. - lug nuts and misc
17mm socket for torque wrench - lugnuts

1 set of black nylon "Rhino Ramps" ... accept no imitations. These ROCK for

oil drain pan
one 2'x4' metal drip tray. - avoid the oil drain disaster with this
kitty litter oilsorb - told you to use that drip tray!

floorjack / jackstands -- for when you want the car in the air without
weight on the wheel(s)
wrenches - 10 through 18mm. - misc
box blue nitrile rubber gloves - misc
DIN radio removal tools - radio
air chuck / tank / gauge - tires
tread depth gauge - tires

toolbox - don't skimp but also don't break the bank. Buy something that has
drawers and isn't and isn't made of bright red plastic with a handle on top.
:P 4 drawers and a flip top lid works fine, make sure it's wide enough to
accept the torque wrench and breaker bar

wire cutters - bypass valve vacuum line clamp removal/install
pliars - misc
vice grips - misc

beer - something good from germany

disposable rags

That's all I can think of for now.... good luck!

- Keman

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: Since I'm new to wrenching on the newer Audis (I have a A6 biturbo now),
: I'm looking for input on the type of tools/equipment people find usefull
: or manditory to diagnose and fix these cars. I have the VAG-COM and
: MityVac on the list already, I also have most of the common type
: automotive tools (wrenches, ramps, drop light, multi-meter, etc.)
: Could any of you share what else you found useful, how important is it,
: how much, where did you buy it and what its good for?
: Maybe this could turn into somthing for a FAQ someplace...
: Thanks,
: David
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