[Biturbos4] First of my own wrenching of my '01 S4

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Sun Mar 28 13:37:29 EST 2004

>From a different angle, I suspect K&N's claim to fame has been horsepower
increases coming from older large displacement domestic V8's that suck lots
of air in through cheap, crappy, domestic OEM airboxes that are undersized
even for a 4 cylinder. In those cases, I think 5-10 horsepower can be had.

Just a thought.

- Keman

: Yes, I have heard that the K&N's claims are perhaps not so accurate and
: dyno tests have not supported any significant results .. but for $42 bucks
: a chance to get my hands dirty, I thought it was a somewhat safe venture.
: I've also heard that the MAF problems related to the K&N were specific to
: certain MAF ... the non-Hitachi MAF (was it Bosch?).  Is this not the
: The K&N comes "ready to install" ... are the coating issues perhaps
related to
: those who have cleaned and re-oiled (recharged) the filter?
: -steve

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