[Biturbos4] Neuspeed 22mm rear bar bushings?

David Kavanagh dak at rochester.rr.com
Tue Mar 30 00:52:33 EST 2004

I used to use moly grease on the poly bushings for the sway bars (on my 
'79 Scirocco SOLO II car). The stuff is dark and messy, but it worked. 
As far as material goes, instead of rubber, try going to something 
harder like delrin. I think the stuff can be machined. Not much 
compliance, it has to be made with just the right dimensions.


Thus Spoke Bob Tillman:

>Hi all -
>I put a Neuspeed 22mm rear sway bar on my S4 last year.  While I like the handling it provides, the poly bushings will squeak if not regularly lubricated, and silicone spray doesn't seem to do the trick.  I'd like to modify the mounts so that either they won't require lubrication, or so that properly lubricating them won't require disassembly.  I thought of the following two possibilities:
>- Obtain rubber bushings that will fit a 22mm bar; they won't require lubrication but will reduce the bar's effectiveness to some unknown degree;
>- See if H-sport will sell me a set of bushings and brackets from their bar set, as they have Zerk fittings installed.  This will at least make the maintenance a 2-minute job (instead of a 1-hour disassembly) and won't reduce the bar's effectiveness as rubber bushings would.
>Has anyone else tackled this problem?  Is there any other way to retain full effectiveness of the poly bushings without requiring any maintenance?
>- Bob T.
>  '01 S4 Avant (w/ Neuspeed 22mm rear bar)
>  '02 allroad (w/ H-sport front & rear bars)
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