[Biturbos4] Neuspeed 22mm rear bar bushings?

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Tue Mar 30 12:42:50 EST 2004

Wait a second there, delrin is a much harder material than standard rubber suspension bits, hence much less give, which would squeak more if not installed and greased properly.

On the 20v list, there was a time when people swapped out worn A-arm bushings for delrin units, as replacements as well as upgrade (less elastic movement, more direct feel).  However most people didn't like it due to stiffer ride, excessive squeaking, and a few people even had their control arm failed, broken at/near the bushing.

Now what you're talking about is a different application (sway bar vs. control arms), but aren't there cases where aftermarket sway bars caused cracking in the rear subframe due to added stress?  I recall reading that on the A4 and S4 forum.  If so adding delrin bushings can only make things worse.

Just throwing out some additional considerations.


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From: Bob Tillman <list at p-vector.com>
Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 7:48 am
Subject: Re: [Biturbos4] Neuspeed 22mm rear bar bushings?

> Hi David -
> Thanks for the ideas!  I'll try the moly grease first, and if that 
> doesn'thelp I'll look into delrin bushings.
> On my old '89 GTI 16V I'd had Suspension Techniques bars, if I recall
> correctly, and they had poly or some sort of hard plastic bushings 
> whichnever squeaked in all the years that I'd used them.  They 
> didn't come with
> any grease, if I recall correctly, so I probably either put them 
> on dry or
> used regular wheel bearing grease.
> However the Neuspeed bar for my S4 as well as the NS bars I'd 
> bought for my
> old '96 GTI VR6 all came with some kind of sticky silicone grease, 
> which I
> used when installing, and they all started squeaking within 
> months.  So
> perhaps a change to regular grease might be all they need!
> Thanks again,
> - Bob T.
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> > Bob,
> > I used to use moly grease on the poly bushings for the sway bars 
> (on my
> > '79 Scirocco SOLO II car). The stuff is dark and messy, but it 
> worked.> As far as material goes, instead of rubber, try going to 
> something> harder like delrin. I think the stuff can be machined. 
> Not much
> > compliance, it has to be made with just the right dimensions.
> >
> > David
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