[Biturbos4] Neuspeed 22mm rear bar bushings?

Igor Kessel kbattpo at verizon.net
Tue Mar 30 14:12:33 EST 2004

Quincy Chiang wrote:

> Wait a second there, delrin is a much harder material than standard rubber suspension bits, hence much less give, which would squeak more if not installed and greased properly.
> On the 20v list, there was a time when people swapped out worn A-arm bushings for delrin units, as replacements as well as upgrade (less elastic movement, more direct feel).  However most people didn't like it due to stiffer ride, excessive squeaking, and a few people even had their control arm failed, broken at/near the bushing.
> Now what you're talking about is a different application (sway bar vs. control arms), but aren't there cases where aftermarket sway bars caused cracking in the rear subframe due to added stress?  I recall reading that on the A4 and S4 forum.  If so adding delrin bushings can only make things worse.
> Just throwing out some additional considerations.

That has been my understanding of the Delrin bushing drawbacks as well, 
Quincy. I personally wouldn't install Delrin or Aluminium bushings in a 
street car.

Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros in the stable,
the third one is in the works

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