[Biturbos4] Neuspeed 22mm rear bar bushings?

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Tue Mar 30 16:26:06 EST 2004

I saw the post on the moly grease. That stuff isn't bad, and will work
pretty good. I think the next step up from that however would be viscous
silicone based "marine grease" .... this stuff is extremely thick, sticky as
all hell, and will not come off even submerged underwater.

I used it on the delrin bushings in my Moostang track car and it's still
silent 3 years later. I've heard of similar results with poly bushings.

Really, we should consider ourselves lucky. An S4 has only a couple
bushings. The rest are all heim (ball) joints. They wear out, surprisingly,
just like bushings do. But they are much easier to replace and perform at
100% up to the point where they loosen up and rattle to hell before you take
the control arm off and pitch it into the dumpster.

Audi suspension still blows my mind. It's neat stuff.

I'll look at my rear swaybar the next time I have it up in the air, and see
where it mounts. If it's a spot prone to cracking, I'll see if I can figure
out a simple bolt-on aluminum or steel reinforcement plate design. Shouldn't
be difficult if I remember correctly.

- Keman

> > Now what you're talking about is a different application (sway bar vs.
control arms), but aren't there cases where aftermarket sway bars caused
cracking in the rear subframe due to added stress?  I recall reading that on
the A4 and S4 forum.  If so adding delrin bushings can only make things
> >
> > Just throwing out some additional considerations.
> >
> That has been my understanding of the Delrin bushing drawbacks as well,
> Quincy. I personally wouldn't install Delrin or Aluminium bushings in a
> street car.
> -- 
> Igor Kessel
> two turbo quattros in the stable,
> the third one is in the works

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