[Biturbos4] scraping, squeeling noises

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Tue Mar 30 16:31:12 EST 2004

It's just rust building up on the rotor overnight. It's especially apparent
in salty/humid conditions. Check your rotors out with a flashlight sometime
come early morning. You may be surprised to see how much has built up
overnight. It looks and sounds worse than it is.

Even more startling is if you park the car for a few days and the pads rust
to the rotors from the e-brake. You go to back up and the car resists then
THUNK starts moving ...

Audi's don't like being parked. Keep em on the road and this never happens.

- Keman

> I've noticed that in the mornings, when I pull out of my apartment parking
> spot and tap the braks, they sound scrap-ish.  Have others noticed that?
> I asked my dealer, and he said this was normal.  I'm not sure I buy it...

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