[Biturbos4] Atlas Grey

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Tue May 11 08:30:08 EDT 2004

Nogaro Blue is actually the fastest color available on an S4 due to it's
coefficient of drag. All other colors are inferior. ;)

2001 S4 Avant "Vrooooosh!"
1990 5.8L GR40 Mustang "Vrooooom!"
1985 Nissan 200SX 1.8 turbo "crank-crank-crank-crank..."

>Hey Andy!  If I recall correctly, you are the man with that beautiful
>Atlas Grey Avant that I admired before I bought my black one.  To bad
>we didn't have the option here, its a great color!

Not me! Mine's Negaro!


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