[Biturbos4] All causes to turbo failures known?

Igor Kessel kbattpo at verizon.net
Wed May 12 11:52:07 EDT 2004

David Kavanagh wrote:

> I sort of miss my old K26 ('87 5KTQ). The car was chipped. After a 
> little lag, that thing would build boost like nobody's business! That 
> car had some serious thrust!
> I never worried about that big old turbo going bad! I guess we're seeing 
> Audi go the other way on "over-design".
> Well, I'm still putting another 2.7t engined car in my stable in the 
> next couple of months... just keep changing the oil and checking for 
> leaks... :-)
> David

I hear you, David. Many years ago I used to own a chipped '89 200TQ, 
MC-1, K26, pre-airbag, the last of the breed. On the track that thing 
was like a freight train going downhill.
Igor Kessel
two turbo quattros in the stable,
the third one is in the works

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