[Biturbos4] brake pads and warranty

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Thu May 13 20:01:15 EDT 2004

If it's the fronts, warranty won't cover it unless one or both wear sensor
wires have worn through or otherwise became yanked out of the pads.......

Or if your rotors are warped....

- Keman

: The last two times I've gone for my scheduled warranty check, I've asked
: for the brakes to be looked at.  my wife complains about the brakes when
: she drives the car, and I can notice the braking isn't as "strong" as it
: used to be.  But the general feedback from the dealer is: The brakes are
: at 18-20%, and don't need to be replaced.
: I've argued that when reversing and breaking, there's a loud "horn"-like
: sound, but to no avail.
: I'm now almost at 45K miles, and I'd like to make sure I can get my brakes
: replaced while I'm still under warranty.  How long do I have to wait (in
: terms of percentage left on the pads) before Audi will replace them?
: Thx,
: Zabe

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