[Biturbos4] All causes to turbo failures known?

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Thu May 13 23:47:49 EDT 2004


THAT .. shows an extended bellypan. I've been looking at ways to retrofit a
2002+ Audi secondary bellypan behind our existing ones to further reduce
wind noise and increase airflow from the engine bay... and it looks like I
was searching in the wrong spot. The parts guy is never gonna know what hit
him tomorrow, apparently I need an RS4 bellypan... :P

Also, some of the "changes" of the S4 to the RS4 listed seem.....
inaccurate. I swear I'm looking at the 2.5L Diesel block being compared to
the 2.8L Gasoline block. Not the RS4 2.7 to our 2.7 (which is a 2.5L diesel
block). When I hit up the parts guys I'll ask what size our connecting rod
bolts are. If they're 9mm and not 8.5mm, my speculations will be correct.

I'm drooling over that oil cooler .... I want that big time... :P

Heck, I want a LOT of things from the RS4. I didn't realize there were so
many goodies on it...

Timing belt done every 60k kilometers? Er. Uh. Why? Weird.

>> Well, in my small circle of local S4 owning friends 3 of 5 have
>> experienced turbo failures (myself included).  Not good odds.  Plus,
>> I've heard of far too many failures from others on Audiworld.
>> Granted enthusiast sites isn't be best random sampling of S4 owners,
>> but still the failure rate seems disturbingly high.  Its pretty
>> commonly accepted that stock turbos are one of the main weaknesses
>> of the S4 (the other being the 1-2 synchros and sliders).

The turbos certainly get a lot of heat... no pun intended.

>> I'm with you on the precat removal as a good thing for reducing heat
>> in the engine bay.  And the performance gains are a nice bonus too :)

I like the sound ... I could hear my turbos whistling at idle afterwards,
especially with the clutch in causing the ignition to retard.

- Keman

>> -Dave Pramanik

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