[Biturbos4] All causes to turbo failures known?

David Pramanik dap128 at hotmail.com
Fri May 14 09:12:02 EDT 2004

The RS4 oil cooler and all necessary OEM parts are available from Achtuning
as a kit but if you can source the euro parts for cheaper (I think the kits
goes for $800), I'd certainly like to know.


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> Ohhhh!!
> THAT .. shows an extended bellypan. I've been looking at ways to retrofit
> 2002+ Audi secondary bellypan behind our existing ones to further reduce
> wind noise and increase airflow from the engine bay... and it looks like I
> was searching in the wrong spot. The parts guy is never gonna know what
> him tomorrow, apparently I need an RS4 bellypan... :P
> Also, some of the "changes" of the S4 to the RS4 listed seem.....
> inaccurate. I swear I'm looking at the 2.5L Diesel block being compared to
> the 2.8L Gasoline block. Not the RS4 2.7 to our 2.7 (which is a 2.5L
> block). When I hit up the parts guys I'll ask what size our connecting rod
> bolts are. If they're 9mm and not 8.5mm, my speculations will be correct.
> I'm drooling over that oil cooler .... I want that big time... :P
> Heck, I want a LOT of things from the RS4. I didn't realize there were so
> many goodies on it...
> Timing belt done every 60k kilometers? Er. Uh. Why? Weird.
> >> Well, in my small circle of local S4 owning friends 3 of 5 have
> >> experienced turbo failures (myself included).  Not good odds.  Plus,
> >> I've heard of far too many failures from others on Audiworld.
> >> Granted enthusiast sites isn't be best random sampling of S4 owners,
> >> but still the failure rate seems disturbingly high.  Its pretty
> >> commonly accepted that stock turbos are one of the main weaknesses
> >> of the S4 (the other being the 1-2 synchros and sliders).
> The turbos certainly get a lot of heat... no pun intended.
> >> I'm with you on the precat removal as a good thing for reducing heat
> >> in the engine bay.  And the performance gains are a nice bonus too :)
> I like the sound ... I could hear my turbos whistling at idle afterwards,
> especially with the clutch in causing the ignition to retard.
> - Keman
> >> -Dave Pramanik

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