[Biturbos4] New Shoes!

David Lau toomanycars at mac.com
Wed May 26 20:52:00 EDT 2004

I'm interested in oversizing tires to increase the final drive ratio as 
much as rim protection. I put Michelin pilot sport A/S 235-45s on the 
stock Avus rims for winter and there's narry a milimeter to the rear 
strut brace. The P Zeros are 235-40-18s, but on the Ronals there's an 
easy half inch clearance. Probably room for 245-45-18s, which would get 
me a taller gearing AND some rim protection.

You think you can drive soooo carefully to avoid curbs (I did) then... 
one dark night... you think the curb corner is rounded nicely and... 
(crunch) gotcha. It was square.


On May 26, 2004, at 10:50 AM, John Koenig wrote:

> The car really looks great, but David raises an interesting point ...
> I'd be interested in hearing some opinions about wheel designs that 
> stick
> the spokes out past the rims and sidewalls.  Personally, I think it 
> may be a
> dealbuster for a car that gets driven daily and sees an occasional 
> curb.
> I'm not sure fitting an oversized tire, even when possible, is the 
> solution.
> Any thoughts?
> John
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>> Single,
>> Maybe it's the red cars, but I put a set of the same R38s on my laser
>> red avant. I went with Gary's recommendation at Ronal and shod them
>> with Pireli P Zero Rossos (the red thing again). I love 'em except
>> they're not wide enough to offer any rim protection. The good news is
>> with the increased offset there is room for more tire  than with the
>> stock Avus 17s. Did you go for 18's also?
>> David & the Red Wagon
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