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Keman keman at interwolf.net
Sun May 30 14:55:59 EDT 2004

>> (with only 175 miles on the tires) as my previous summer set were
>> wearing heavily on the outside edge of the drivers front.

Heheh... I don't think an alignment is going to fix that 'problem' ...
that's from your right foot combined with sharp steering angles at high
speeds. :)

>> couldn't go too far wrong.  We'll also be trying the Toyo Proxes
>> TS-1 on our A4 this summer (lots of reviews on this one).

I'm curious how these end up.

I put a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3's on my S4 2 months ago, and I'm
deeply impressed with how quiet and grippy they are. I've got a few thousand
miles on them now and so far so good. How quiet are they? I can actually
tell if the wind is against me or behind me now ... because when the wind is
behind me the car is so quiet, I reach 100mph without intending to. It's
really impressive. In the corner I've not reached their limits yet. I have
pushed and they've pushed back. I've pushed harder and yet they've still
pushed back. Soon, I'll find them. But on public streets I'm hesitant to
push 10/10ths.

Compared to the Bridgestone S-03's, they feel stiffer and more responsive,
and definitely quieter. Stiffer still to the S-02's I ran prior.

For those with Pilot Sports on their car ... you had better be pushing the
car in the corners to rub down the sidewalls often, else they will become
horrendously noisy. The multi-compound tread does not wear evenly if you
only drive them in a straight line to and from work, as is the case on many
Audi's I see at the shop. So noisy and scalloped they sound like spiked
winter tires, I'm not exaggerating. Alignment can't fix a tire designed to
wear in a way that it's not being used for, PS's are maximum performance
cornering tires dipping a bit into full race-rubber bias IMO.

- Keman

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