[Biturbos4] S4 Rubber Floor Mats

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Tue Nov 2 18:10:17 EST 2004

Get the Audi winter rubber mats with the Audi Sport logo.  They look and fit great, except the rear mats are a little too small to cover the entire area, fronts are perfect though.  Your dealer can get them.

Alternatively you can get a set of Weathertech rubber mats.  They are a universial fit, however you can easily trim them (along the pre-cut lines).  They have even deeper grooves than then Audi ones, and the rears are much bigger.  

I have both sets, the PO of my car bought the Weathertech mats, not sure where he got them from, but I think they place ads in virtually every car mag.


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Subject: [Biturbos4] S4 Rubber Floor Mats

> With the snow season nearly apon us here in Western Mass., I want 
> to 
> switch out my floor mats in my '01 S4 and put in rubber mats.  Has 
> anyone 
> purchased any which they can reccomend for fit, quality, and 
> price?  URL's 
> would be helpful.
> Rgs,
> Zabe
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