[Biturbos4] advice needed: rims, mags, winter tires

Jean-Francois Patenaude audis4 at patch.suid.com
Wed Nov 3 22:01:53 EST 2004

Hi guys, I would need some advices ...

I just bought some winter tires (studded Pirelli Winter Carving 225/45/17) and I'm now hesitating whether I should have those mounted on my original mags, if I should buy new rims (or mags) and mount them onto it ... or, even, should I use my original mags as winter wheels and buy new ones at summer

Things to consider:

- my original mags are already scratched (one is even deeply scratched) ... so it's probably not worth buying some winter mags from Audi (about 350$ CDN each) ...

- should I have the tires switched back and forth on the original mags ... any reason why I must not do that (for instance, structural damage on the tires, ...) ??

- is it still possible to find "good old" steel rims for this cars ... I would greatly prefer such wheels but I don't think they exist in 17 inches (btw I live in Montreal/Canada)

Any 2 cents are welcome  :)


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