[Biturbos4] advice needed: rims, mags, winter tires

John M. Harrison johnmh at uwyo.edu
Thu Nov 4 10:14:18 EST 2004

I purchased an economical set of wheels along with winter tires from 
TireRack a couple years ago for under $1300 total (Mille Miglia Spider 
wheels and Dunlop Winter Sport Tires in the original factory standard 
size).  I switch them myself seasonally.  I don't like the  idea of 
re-mounting tires on one set of wheels seasonally.

Two complete sets of tires/wheels has proven to be a very convenient 
solution.  I have damage and scratches to two or three of my wheels, but 
nothing that affects performance or safety.  I'm not sure there is any 
way around that especially under winter conditions.  For this reason I'm 
reluctant to go for really expensive wheels.

Please let the list know how you like your studded Pirellis.  You should 
have an ice-racing rally machine there with that studded winter rubber.  

John M. Harrison  Laramie, Wyoming  2001.4 S4 Avant silver loaded stock 
nearing 35,000 miles
I  love this car.  Its still new to me and a definite keeper.

Jean-Francois Patenaude wrote:

>Hi guys, I would need some advices ...
>I just bought some winter tires (studded Pirelli Winter Carving 225/45/17) and I'm now hesitating whether I should have those mounted on my original mags, if I should buy new rims (or mags) and mount them onto it ... or, even, should I use my original mags as winter wheels and buy new ones at summer
>Things to consider:
>- my original mags are already scratched (one is even deeply scratched) ... so it's probably not worth buying some winter mags from Audi (about 350$ CDN each) ...
>- should I have the tires switched back and forth on the original mags ... any reason why I must not do that (for instance, structural damage on the tires, ...) ??
>- is it still possible to find "good old" steel rims for this cars ... I would greatly prefer such wheels but I don't think they exist in 17 inches (btw I live in Montreal/Canada)
>Any 2 cents are welcome  :)
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