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Nicholas  Mistry writes:
> I am at 4 years and 35k miles on my '01 S4 and it seems  that my battery 
> is not holding a charge anymore.   Have any  of you changed your battery 
> yet?   Should I be concerned  about bigger problems like the alternator, 
> or a wiring  problem...

My battery went out just a few months ago (about 3.5 years),  and was
replaced under warranty.  It seems that three to four years is  the
life expectancy of these batteries.

So I must be doing pretty good to get 5 years/72,000 miles out of my  battery 
and *knock on wood* it's still going strong.  My previous car ('90  Taurus) 
had over 8 years on the original battery before it needed to be  replaced.
David C.

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