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Tue Nov 9 16:57:30 EST 2004

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> So I must be doing pretty good to get  5 years/72,000 miles out of my  
> and *knock on wood* it's  still going strong.  My previous car ('90  
> had over  8 years on the original battery before it needed to be   replaced.

I'll wager that you've never let your battery run down, and  that those
of us who've seen shorter lifetimes out of our batteries,  have.


Well, the S4 did go down once because I forgot to turn off the overhead  
light once and then didn't drive the car for a week.  And the Taurus  battery went 
dead at least once when the alternator died.  But you're  right.  Generally I 
don't let the battery get run down.  I've been  lucky the two times I left 
the headlights on.  The xenons go out when the  car is shut off, so it still had 
plenty of battery to start after 8 hours at  work.
David C.

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