[Biturbos4] Turn signal problem on 2001 S4

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I just went through this with my 2000 S4.  The turn signal would work most
of the time, but occasionally it would just stay on and not blink.  It was
the hazard switch/relay.  About $40 and not a big deal to replace.  Removing
the trim piece was the hardest.  I found a picture on Audiworld that showed
what the back side of the trim piece looked like, which helped me see what I
was dealing with.  I hate prying pieces off otherwise.  The dealership had a
switch in stock, which indicates that it's a common problem.  Good luck.


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This is the second time this failed. The first time it was fixed under
The turn signal doesn't blink or blinks once. Anyone else have this problem
and know what needs to be replaced?
I think they (the dealer) replaced the hazard button in the middle of the
dash and broke the wood trim piece the last time.

2001 Audi TT 225 roadster chipped
2001 S4

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