[Biturbos4] I think I really did it this time (timing belt gone wrong) HELP!

MattOVR6 at aol.com MattOVR6 at aol.com
Sun Nov 14 22:59:26 EST 2004

So I got ambitious today and decided it was time to change the timing belt on the 00 S4.  I got it all apart, and it went fairly smoothly.

I didn't have the cam lock tool, but I fabricated a makeshift one out of a 2" metal strap that I thought would do the job.  I had it slip off as I was removing the belt, and the passenger side cam sprocket and cam popped and went to the left.  I had marked it before on both, so I brought it back to that point and reattached my camlock thing. When I started the job, I rotated the crankshaft to the point where the holes in the cam sprocket flange were parallel to the ground. As I was putting it all back together, and checked my marks, and they were just a slight bit off, but both of them were, so I assumed that it may have turned a bit.  But the toothed belt would not let me change that at all.

So I put it all back together, and it idles fine, and during slow rev climbing is fine as well.  But if I stab the throttle, I'm getting an awful clacking sound that sounds like it's coming from the middle of the engine somewhere.  I can't tell whether it's due to timing being slightly off, or what else it might be.

I took it all back apart to make sure there weren't any tools in there or things that I had missed, but it checked out fine.

Is there a way that I can check the timing, or find the TDC mark and index the cams?  I've heard that Audi cars do not have any sort of indexing mark on them, but can't verify that.

I need your help, Audi Gurus!  

Thank you,
Matt O.
2000 Audi S4 (74,000 miles)
1995 Turbo Jetta 3.0 VR6

p.s. Spare the lecture about how I should have bought the $180 Audi Special tool.  Thx :o)

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