[Biturbos4] Bi Pipe Install Challenges

The Corbs c.corbishley at comcast.net
Tue Nov 16 18:51:54 EST 2004

Hi Gang:

Installed the famous BiPipe in my son's '00 S4 this weekend.

Very impressive instruction manual from APR!!


When it came to fitting the Bi Pipe to the throttle body, where the 
instruction talk about gently pushing it into place, I found that I had to 
sand the inside of the BP with fine emery paper to get it to fit at all 
(among other things tool marks), and finally had to resort to using the 
bolts to "pull" it into place.
Sent APR an e-mail asking if they had had any other issues with their latest 
production run, or other suggestions/help - ZERO response as yet - I will 
call them tomorrow.
Also found that the lower mounting holes did not match up and had to be 
relieved (which I can understand given the flex in the belt covers that they 
mount to).

The car was stock prior to this mod.

Any similar experiences/solutions?


John Corbs

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