[Biturbos4] I think I really did it this time (timing belt gonewrong) HELP!

Andy Turner andy at palomar.demon.co.uk
Wed Nov 17 07:32:08 EST 2004

On Mon, 15 Nov 2004 15:53:35 -0500, David Kavanagh <audiguy at gmail.com>

>I'm gonna print this out and keep it on hand for when I do my 2.7t belt! 
>Thanks, Keman!!!

Gawd - a tale like that would put me off doing mine, even if I'd been
thinking of it in the first place!

How come they're still belts (or chains as on the 4.2), rather than
just another cog on the side of the engine? It's never made much sense
to me.


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