[Biturbos4] Thought I'd done it this time..THANK YOU!

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Wed Nov 17 10:52:12 EST 2004

The lightning is really a blast at the stoplights and it tows as well as a
diesel rig when it comes to hills. It never comes out of overdrive and the
blower whine is loud enough to make any passenger grin as another Mustang
gets eaten alive by a 4700lb truck.

As far as S4 withdrawl? It's bad. Real bad. Bad enough that I'm now
looking for an S4 that's plenty messed up that I can buy cheap and rebuild the
engine myself. Here I was hoping for this timing belt fiasco to make a
turn for the worse... lol JUST KIDDING! ... definitely need to find a
messed up S4 though. Man I miss it... was in a friends the other day and
it was just like oh man..

It's great to hear that the timing belt got put back and all came out
well. It's been a little while since I've done one on a 2.7T and I was
definitely hoping that there weren't any gaps in my memory .. the only
discrepency I became aware of was that there isn't a crankshaft position
sensor in the block on the 2.7, there is just a metal plate/plug there and
you remove it the same way and put in the crank lock tool.

- Keman

Eventhough he drives a Ford product now...-> How are you liking the
Lightning so far anyways...?!!?

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