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I had a similar problem in my S4 when it was just a little over a year  old.  
It lasted for 2 or 3 years and several trips to the dealer before it  was 
finally diagnosed.  It turned out to be the dash hitting the  windshield.  It 
started out when the weather got cold, and eventually  started even doing it in 
the milder temps.  After some felt-like tape  stuffed between the dash and the 
windshield, the rattling finally went  away.  
Of course recently I've now developed a new rattle at 72k miles.  I  haven't 
quite pinpointed it or figured out how to repeat it.  I mainly hear  it when 
accelerating from a stop in 1st gear (but not every time, nor under hard  
acceleration).  I'm not sure if it's suspension, clutch, or transmission  related.  
Everything is still stock on my car.  
David C.
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Over the last few months I've started to  notice a SUPER ANNOYING clicking 
in my dash, in the front-left-hand  corner.  Every time I go over a bump 
(small or big), I hear a  "click".  I wasn't sure what it was at first, but 
when I push down on  that part of the dash with my hand, I feel a little 
"give", and I think  it's that give which is making the sound.

A friend of mine was in the  car with me the other day, and when I told him 
how I was about to go crazy  because of the sound, he said that it was 
probably due to the cold and  overall size of the dash decreasing 
(minutely), but enough for it to  bounce up and down over small bumps.  I 
_have_ noticed that if I  crank up the heat or if it's a (rare--I'm in MA) 
warm day, the sound is  less noticeable.

1.  Has anyone else noticed this with their  S4's?
2.  Does the idea of dash-board shrinkage have any  merit?
3.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

I'd  really appreciate the  feedback.




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