[Biturbos4] trailer towing

David Lau toomanycars at mac.com
Fri Nov 19 17:20:49 EST 2004

I've gotta move my daughter from Michigan to Texas in January.  I 
REALLY don't want to be wollowing around in the Cherokee for 2600 miles 
of interstate round trip, especially deadheading back north.

I think U-Haul's little 5x8 would be big enough; I wouldn't even 
contemplate anything larger. I looked through the fabled Owner's Manual 
and it's no help: "towing is not recommended..." (neither is chipping!) 
  "or if you really must - class I or II". Not a thing about actual 
weight or frontal area.

I know it'd stress those fragile turbos a bit, but I can be easy, and 
that's what the oil temp gauge is for. We'll be west of the 

Can you even fit a 2" hitch under the plastic bumper? I thought I'd 
seen 'em in Germany.


01 Audi S4 Avant biturbo, laser red, APR chip, UUC short shifter, red 
shift knob, fog light mod, RS4 grille, 8-disc, AWE boost gauge, Pirelli 
P-Zero Rossos over 18" Ronals (Avus + Michelin Pilot A/S in winter)

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