[Biturbos4] trailer towing

Nicholas Mistry nick at mistry.com
Sat Nov 20 13:40:50 EST 2004


I am sure there will be lots of opposition to this idea, but depending 
on how much weight you will be towing, it might be possible.

First off, you need to figure out how much weight you are going to be 
carrying...  Generally an S4 can haul 5 adults... figure an average of 
200 lbs per adult...  that is 1000lbs..  Plus luggage...    This is all 
downward force.     Adding a trailer will offset that weight, but will 
add a significant amount of drag to the car, and thus make the engine 
work harder. 

If you add a properly loaded trailer, it should be ok.  Just as long as 
you dont plan on scaling mt washington.  Just be sure to take your time, 
let the weight of the trailer push you down hill so your engine can cool 
off.    Keep an eye on the oil temp gague, and again.. TAKE YOUR TIME...

Now i have a question for the group...  Doesnt the 2.7T Allroad have 
pretty much the same drivetrain as an S4 (other than the 6spd) ?      If 
this is true, i have friends w/ allroads that tow uhaul trailers all the 
time..    And they have no problems w/ blown turbos, transmission, or 

In my honest opinion, i would tow w/ an SUV before attempting it w/ my 
s4.     Simply b/c i dont want a trailer hitch hanging off the back end..  


David Lau wrote:

> I've gotta move my daughter from Michigan to Texas in January.  I 
> REALLY don't want to be wollowing around in the Cherokee for 2600 
> miles of interstate round trip, especially deadheading back north.
> I think U-Haul's little 5x8 would be big enough; I wouldn't even 
> contemplate anything larger. I looked through the fabled Owner's 
> Manual and it's no help: "towing is not recommended..." (neither is 
> chipping!)  "or if you really must - class I or II". Not a thing about 
> actual weight or frontal area.
> I know it'd stress those fragile turbos a bit, but I can be easy, and 
> that's what the oil temp gauge is for. We'll be west of the mountains...
> Can you even fit a 2" hitch under the plastic bumper? I thought I'd 
> seen 'em in Germany.
> David
> 01 Audi S4 Avant biturbo, laser red, APR chip, UUC short shifter, red 
> shift knob, fog light mod, RS4 grille, 8-disc, AWE boost gauge, 
> Pirelli P-Zero Rossos over 18" Ronals (Avus + Michelin Pilot A/S in 
> winter)
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