[Biturbos4] trailer towing

Bob Tillman list at p-vector.com
Sun Nov 21 11:42:29 EST 2004

Hi all -

I've towed a U-Haul 6x12 trailer many times with our allroad (2.7T, 
6-speed) on 200-mile trips with no problems. I do try to avoid backing 
up uphill, only because my backing skills aren't 100% ;) and that can 
stress the clutch a bit (at lest when I'm the one doing the backing;) .  
And yes, this *is* the same drivetrain as in the S4, *including* the 
6-speed. So I'd say the drivetrain shouldn't have any problems.

However, the allroad was designed to tow a trailer, and in fact we have 
the Audi-manufactured trailer hitch for it. The self-levelling 
suspension is great for towing as it compensates for varying tongue 
loads, and the factory hitch ties into the unibody in factory-approved 
locations. I personally would *not* put a hitch on our S4, especially as 
we have another vehicle which was designed with towing in mind.

My two cents,
- Bob T.
  '01 S4 Avant 6-speed
  '02 allroad 6-speed

Nicholas Mistry wrote:

> David,
> I am sure there will be lots of opposition to this idea, but depending 
> on how much weight you will be towing, it might be possible.
> First off, you need to figure out how much weight you are going to be 
> carrying...  Generally an S4 can haul 5 adults... figure an average of 
> 200 lbs per adult...  that is 1000lbs..  Plus luggage...    This is 
> all downward force.     Adding a trailer will offset that weight, but 
> will add a significant amount of drag to the car, and thus make the 
> engine work harder.
> If you add a properly loaded trailer, it should be ok.  Just as long 
> as you dont plan on scaling mt washington.  Just be sure to take your 
> time, let the weight of the trailer push you down hill so your engine 
> can cool off.    Keep an eye on the oil temp gague, and again.. TAKE 
> Now i have a question for the group...  Doesnt the 2.7T Allroad have 
> pretty much the same drivetrain as an S4 (other than the 6spd) ?      
> If this is true, i have friends w/ allroads that tow uhaul trailers 
> all the time..    And they have no problems w/ blown turbos, 
> transmission, or otherwise.   
> In my honest opinion, i would tow w/ an SUV before attempting it w/ my 
> s4.     Simply b/c i dont want a trailer hitch hanging off the back 
> end.. 
> -N
> David Lau wrote:
>> I've gotta move my daughter from Michigan to Texas in January.  I 
>> REALLY don't want to be wollowing around in the Cherokee for 2600 
>> miles of interstate round trip, especially deadheading back north.
>> I think U-Haul's little 5x8 would be big enough; I wouldn't even 
>> contemplate anything larger. I looked through the fabled Owner's 
>> Manual and it's no help: "towing is not recommended..." (neither is 
>> chipping!)  "or if you really must - class I or II". Not a thing 
>> about actual weight or frontal area.
>> I know it'd stress those fragile turbos a bit, but I can be easy, and 
>> that's what the oil temp gauge is for. We'll be west of the mountains...
>> Can you even fit a 2" hitch under the plastic bumper? I thought I'd 
>> seen 'em in Germany.
>> David
>> 01 Audi S4 Avant biturbo, laser red, APR chip, UUC short shifter, red 
>> shift knob, fog light mod, RS4 grille, 8-disc, AWE boost gauge, 
>> Pirelli P-Zero Rossos over 18" Ronals (Avus + Michelin Pilot A/S in 
>> winter)

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