[Biturbos4] trailer towing

David Lau toomanycars at mac.com
Sun Nov 21 11:44:27 EST 2004

Thanks John, and all. I'm convinced. The mighty Cherokee is the vehicle 
for the job. The interstates ARE clogged these days, and with the Borla 
exhaust, K&N intake, 5-speed, and good stereo in the Jeep I think I can 
enjoy the trip. It DOES haul - up any hill on the WVA turnpike with 
loaded trailer at 60 in 3rd gear. The All-American SUV experience? 
hehe. And being January, we could get major snow. It's really fun in 
that. We always carry a tow strap and love snatching people out of 
snowbanks (wouldn't recommend THAT in the S4). And then there's the 
advantage in cruising range...


On Nov 19, 2004, at 9:05 PM, John M. Harrison wrote:

> Unlike the others I think you might get away with it, but if you have 
> a Jeep Cherokee why not use it? That's what its for. Probably has a 
> factory class II or even III two inch receiver hitch and trailer 
> electrical connection ready to go.
> If the S4 were your only ride, you might go to all the trouble of 
> putting a light duty receiver hitch on it, but with the Cherokee, why 
> bother? I sympathize with your desire to drive the S4, but look at it 
> this way - you'll appreciate it all the more after you return from a 
> road trip in your Jeep.
> I'd take the Cherokee and a nice size trailer and enjoy an 
> all-American SUV experience. I found the interstates frustrating on 
> our last long road trip with the S4 to the east coast. Seldom can you 
> really haul ass due to the traffic volume. The S4 is a lot more fun 
> off the interstates in the twisties and in the mountains. We made 
> excellent time through the mid-west on State two-lanes that go 
> dead-straight for literally hundreds of miles across a regular grid of 

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