[Biturbos4] Bi Pipe Install Challenges

Nicholas Mistry nick at gamedna.net
Wed Nov 17 00:15:36 EST 2004

Just curious, what was the reason for installing the BiPipe?

The Corbs wrote:

> Hi Gang:
> Installed the famous BiPipe in my son's '00 S4 this weekend.
> Very impressive instruction manual from APR!!
> When it came to fitting the Bi Pipe to the throttle body, where the 
> instruction talk about gently pushing it into place, I found that I 
> had to sand the inside of the BP with fine emery paper to get it to 
> fit at all (among other things tool marks), and finally had to resort 
> to using the bolts to "pull" it into place.
> Sent APR an e-mail asking if they had had any other issues with their 
> latest production run, or other suggestions/help - ZERO response as 
> yet - I will call them tomorrow.
> Also found that the lower mounting holes did not match up and had to 
> be relieved (which I can understand given the flex in the belt covers 
> that they mount to).
> The car was stock prior to this mod.
> Any similar experiences/solutions?
> Thanks
> John Corbs
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