[Biturbos4] S4 Long Term Storage

Nicholas Mistry nick at mistry.com
Mon Nov 29 20:46:35 EST 2004

Ti Kan wrote:

>Nicholas Mistry writes:
>>What steps should i take to prepare my '01 S4 for 1 to 2 months of 
>>downtime in my garage?    I just had my battery replaced, so I guess im 
>>a bit paranoid of other things going bad.
>>Disconnect the battery?
>>Fuel Treatment?
>One or two months is not long enough to need fuel treatment, but
>I would pump the tires up to max pressure to avoid flat-spotting.
>Even better, put the car on solid jackstands to take the load off
>the tires.
I have always been torn about the fuel treatment myself.   From past 
experience, just refuling w/ HIGH octane solves the problem .   Only 
problem is when you have a full tank and there is no room to add anymore 

>As for battery, disconnecting is an ok idea, but perhaps you should
>invest in a "smart" battery charger that turns on when the voltage
>dips below a certain voltage, but stops charging once it reaches
>threshold.  I have one called "Battery Tender" made by Deltran, which
>I bought from a local Pep Boys store.  

Soooo many choices......  Which one did you end up with?  and about how 
much did it cost?  And with this, do you still need to disconnect the 
battery?  ( i would assume that you wouldnt.. )

>You can also use the factory solar panel charger that VW/Audi uses when news cars are in transit. Lots of these for sale on ebay -- just search "vw solar panel".
Since my car is going to be garaged, this isnt an option for me.    =(

Just a side note,   My wife has an  '93 Acura Legend, and she never has 
any problems with her battery being drained.   The car can sit for more 
than 3 months, w/o a problem.    On the '01 S4, if I leave the car for 
more than a month, the battery is completely dead.    Should i have the 
electrical system checked?  or is this normal.      I always assumed 
that the alarm system was the culprit. 


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