[Biturbos4] S4 Long Term Storage

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Nov 29 21:13:02 EST 2004

Nicholas Mistry writes:
> >As for battery, disconnecting is an ok idea, but perhaps you should
> >invest in a "smart" battery charger that turns on when the voltage
> >dips below a certain voltage, but stops charging once it reaches
> >threshold.  I have one called "Battery Tender" made by Deltran, which
> >I bought from a local Pep Boys store.  
> >
> http://batterytender.com/default.php?cPath=11
> Soooo many choices......  Which one did you end up with?  and about how 
> much did it cost?  And with this, do you still need to disconnect the 
> battery?  ( i would assume that you wouldnt.. )

I got the Battery Tender Plus, it costed about $60.  If you use this,
you don't need to disconnect the battery.

> Just a side note,   My wife has an  '93 Acura Legend, and she never has 
> any problems with her battery being drained.   The car can sit for more 
> than 3 months, w/o a problem.    On the '01 S4, if I leave the car for 
> more than a month, the battery is completely dead.    Should i have the 
> electrical system checked?  or is this normal.      I always assumed 
> that the alarm system was the culprit. 

Yeah, the central locking and alarm system is probably the main
consumer of electricity when the ignition and accessories are off.

Ti Kan
Vorsprung durch Technik

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