[Biturbos4] Re: Temp sender lessons

RichRov at aol.com RichRov at aol.com
Tue Nov 30 08:36:54 EST 2004

Just replaced the coolant temp sender and wanted to offer some  thoughts:
Job is very easy if you follow the steps, no problem for any reasonably  
knowledgeable owner.  The sender with new O-ring is dirt cheap, about $  5.00 at 
the dealer, the cheapest part I have ever bought for this car.  Do  the job 
only when the engine is totally cold.  Release any pressure in the  header tank 
by loosening the cap and then resealing.  Remove the Air Flow  Sender and down 
stream hose.  Be careful with the spring clip at the "V",  Do NOT slide it on 
to the flex hose, but rather slide it downstream onto the  silver "V" tubing.  
The sender is located down between the cylinders with  the connector pointing 
up.  Remove the retaining clip with a flat  bladed screwdriver being careful 
not to drop it.  Insert the new sender and  "O" ring.  Replace retaining clip. 
 Remove connector from old sender  and click it on the new one. 
Stuff to check while you are doing this:
-There is a large "O" ring between the Air Flow sender and the air  cleaner.  
Check condition and location and replace if necessary.  
-There is a soft rubber grommet between the Air Flow sender and the flex  
hose going to the engine.  Make sure it is not pinched and leaking.   Replace if 
That's all there is, a really simple job which will cost you all of $ 5.00  
to do yourself.  The only tools you need are a few screwdrivers and a large  
slip lock pliers to move spring clip.
2000 Stealth Silver S-4, 6-speed.

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