[Biturbos4] temp gauge

David Lau toomanycars at mac.com
Tue Nov 30 14:47:15 EST 2004

What you describe could be a sticky thermostat and the gauge is reading 
Do you get good hot air from the heater? When the gauge goes back to 
cold, is the air still as hot? If not, your thermostat is sticking open 
and not allowing the engine to warm up to, or stay up at, operating 

On Nov 30, 2004, at 1:41 PM, MMaglocci at aol.com wrote:

> I pull over to make a stop and get back on the highway it stays on 
> cold (no
> reading - needle all the way to the left) and most of the time does 
> not move
> until the next time or two I start the car.  Periodically, it will 
> stay stuck on
> cold from the start.  And occationally it will stay on cold for many 
> miles
> then all of the sudden it will work properly.  I took it to the dealer 
> and they

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