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Hello -
I also have a 2000 S4 with 82K miles. I had the EBC geenstuff pad for my 
second set of pads on the car (also a daily driver). I had warped rotors so 
I decided to get the "orbitally slotted" rotors with Mintex Red pads...I 
would recommend this setup or at least the pads - they work great and don't 
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> Dear Fellow Enthusiasts:
> Please indulge me with your opinions on two issues:
> Issue One:
> Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with EBC Greenstuff pads for
> 2000 S4.  I need to get my car into the shop this week for break overhall 
> and I
> have heard mostly good things but a few negative things albeit from second
> hand sources.  This is for daily driver and not for autocross or track 
> use. I
> will be running ECS Tuning 2-piece slotted and drilled front rotors and 
> single
> piece ECS Tuning drilled and slotted rotors in rear.  Any feedback 
> negative or
> positive would be greatly appreciated.
> Issue Two:
> My coolant temp. gauge is behaving rather strangely for the last several
> months.  It seems to work fine initially when I start and drive the car, 
> but when
> I pull over to make a stop and get back on the highway it stays on cold 
> (no
> reading - needle all the way to the left) and most of the time does not 
> move
> until the next time or two I start the car.  Periodically, it will stay 
> stuck on
> cold from the start.  And occationally it will stay on cold for many miles
> then all of the sudden it will work properly.  I took it to the dealer and 
> they
> said it is not throwing any fault codes and of course, they cannot 
> replicate
> the problem after two visits.
> Any of your ideas of what could be causing this would be greatly 
> appreciated.
> Thanks
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